Happy Monday guys!

How was your weekend?

Mine was nice and short. The worst thing is that I got a sinus infection last Thursday, so I’ve been taking it easy for the las few days.

I’ve got some macarons for you today!

Guess what? Tiramisu recipes are back! I’m just kidding! Only one this time, do you remember the “tiramisu recipe overload” on my blog last year? Some of these recipes are still very popular ones here.

I’ve been planning to try a tiramisu macaron recipe for the longest time and I finally did! And these turned out so good! Like anything tiramisu (coffee) flavored, right?


These cookies have crunchy outside, moist inside, that has soaked flavors from the whipped mascarpone filling. I did sprinkle some instant coffee over the shells, before they dried and got baked. It created a nice speckled effect, but you can dust them with cocoa powder instead. Instant coffee has slightly bitter taste, but it balances well with the sweet shells and filling. If this bitterness bothers you, feel free to use cocoa powder, if you prefer.

If you need some tips on how to make french macarons at home, check this post out. I’ve shared some important things and tried to give some suggestions, to make the process easier. But remember, these do require some practice, not so much skill, but patience and practice. Once you start to get them right, you’ll be in love with these cookies.

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