How much more festive can a Christmas cookie get than to speckle it with red, green, and white? That’s what I thought, too, when I found this recipe. I changed it around a bit (just say no to shortening!) and created my own colorful holiday treat Fine Wine.

The cookie base of these is full of brown sugar, which just about always wins over granulated sugar in my book. It’s a nice, thick dough that holds up well to all the nuts and candies. The original recipe suggests making large cookies, but I chose to make smaller, just large than bite-sized cookies. Doing that yielded more than 4 dozen cookies .

For the red, green, and white, I used Cadbury’s solid milk chocolates with candy shells. These taste a lot like M&Ms, only sweeter. They’re also a bit larger than plain M&Ms. For those of you with access to stores where you can mix and match colors of M&Ms, these would be great cookies year-round just by changing the colors. Whether you make these cookies for this holiday season or any other time of year, they will surely be a hit interactive digital signage.

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