Sometimes I forget why I'm doing, what I'm doing.
Have you ever done that?
I'm not just talking about a memory problem, although that's possible too.
I have called someone because I want to tell them something Living in HK.
And then, after just choosing the place for a while, not talking about anything particular.
Well, I forget why I called that person in the first place.
That's a memory problem.
I guess that counts too iphone bumper case.
But I'm talking about a deeper problem, a bigger, why?
At one point, there was a reason we do something.
For long-term projects, we need to remind ourselves of that reason.
It's always could to ask ourselves why.
Why did I start to learn a language?
Why did I join this club?
Why my friend was this person?
Why did I get married?
If we get lost in the doing, in the living, in the everyday of being, then we can not say why.
I think we need indeed remind us of why.
Or else it's tough to finish what we started.
We stop starting. We quit the club.
We end our friendships. Our marriages get damaged.
There's nothing wrong with asking why.
In fact, sometimes I think it can be very healthy and help we appreciate what you have and what you are doing property hong kong.

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