One day, a Chinese man rode a black donkey passing by an unknown small town at the foot of a high mountain.
The man was tired and hungry, after fastening the donkey to a post, he went into a restaurant to eat.
The people in the town had never seen a donkey, many people came over to take a look at the strange animal.
When a boy was using his hand to touch the donkey's neck, the animal suddenly brayed. The strange noise frightened the child and he immediately ran away. After a while, when a woman walked by the donkey, the animal suddenly kicked out one of its back lets. Luckily, the kicking did not hurt the woman, but it was strong enough to scare away all the other people who gathered around to watch.
Seeing the quick disappearance of the people, the donkey felt very proud of himself. He thought that he might be the most powerful animal in the world, As the donkey's master had not yet come back, the donkey got loose and sneaked out of the town. He went up to the high mountain to satisfy his curiosity about the wild world.
In the woods, he soon met a tiger. The tiger had never seen a donkey either. He dared not approach the strange animal and was ready to run away. Just at this moment, the donkey brayed. The strange noise frightened the tiger a little bit, so the tiger retreated a few steps and watched from a distance.
The donkey was happy. He thought the tiger must be a coward like the boy in town. He brayed again. This time, the tiger did not retreat, instead, he walked a couple of steps closer. Still, the tiger dared not take any action. The donkey thought of the scared woman in the town, so he used one of his back legs to kick out. This action made the tiger afraid, the tiger hesitated about whether he should stay or run away from the unknown animal.
Meanwhile, the donkey thought that the tiger must be very afraid of his talents, so he kept braying and kicking. He never realized that the more he brayed and kicked, the less afraid the tiger became.
Finally, the tiger realized that aside from braying and kicking, the donkey had no other ability. The tiger then pounced at the donkey and easily killed the poor stupid animal.
This is a complicated society mixed with all kinds of people including 'tiger' and 'donkey'. Therefore, we must hide some and do not show off completely in front of strangers to avoid the destiny like the above black donkey had.

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