Truth be told, your drinking partner won’t care about the quality of your cocktail once you’ve made a batch or two anyway .

Last week, Edible Manhattan hosted the Good Spirits event in NYC, and I had the pleasure of hosting their social media for the evening. Which included live tweeting my love of booze to a network of 30,000 thirsty subjects. What could be better? Other than tweeting my love of booze and drinking it at the same time. Oh yes, I got to do that too :)))))))) (for the record, this is the opposite of last week’s frozen pipe-induced frownie face emoji)

For an evening, I gathered with a set of kindred spirits and toasted the evening with a series of drinks from fruity and salty to bitter and sweet. The party reaffirmed my love for local spirits, and the people who breathe life into these old world products. Making alcohol is a commitment, and there is no group of people more dedicated to their craft .

The evening also reaffirmed my suspicion that a great cocktail, in its most basic form, is nothing more than a good-quality spirit, a dash or two of bitters, and something fun to shake things up (think flavored simple syrups, crushed spices, herbs, fancy ice cubes).

I’ve included a recipe for one of my favorite cocktails below – a spicy bitter Michelada. It gets its heat from a few different sources – chili-infused vodka and Tabasco. Plus, it has a dash of celery bitters, which could be my new favorite variety.

But this post is about more than making something to the letter. It’s about embracing a state of mind; a willingness to try something new. And to remove any tendencies about making a cocktail at home. Because when it comes down to it, mixing a cocktail is just like cooking. Only easier nuskin. Cheers…

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